Welcome to our new “Website”.

To whom it may concern:

Welcome to our new “blog”, which we will be using as a website for our band. We will be posting links on our facebook page –>http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pilot-Roster/171662186190555<– every now and then whenever we have a new post. So don’t be shy, poke your head in here every once and a while and see what we have been/ will be up to. Thanks guys.

-Bw and PR


About PilotRoster

Pilot Roster began when Brandon Wilson returned from the Summer of Service tour held by Christian Life College. He and Roman Finch began jamming once again, as they had been for years. The two then met Brandon Stamper, who was also interested in starting a band after moving out to Stockton, CA. After a few line up changes, they joined with Chris Coss, who had just moved back from florida, and formed Pilot Roster; four guys serving the Lord in music.
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One Response to Welcome to our new “Website”.

  1. Graham says:

    Hey welcome to the internet! WordPress is a good way to go, but let me know if you guys want to grab your own domain name and carve your own home out of the net, it’s cheap and I have servers to host stuff on, best of luck with everything, let me know if you need any tech help!

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