Summer Break (Literally)

This summer will be trying for us as a band. I, Brandon Wilson will be going on another summer of service tour with Christian Life College for 10 weeks. Brandon Stamper has returned home for the time being to Michigan, praying to see if it is God’s will for him to return to California. Chris Coss will be moving back to Stockton, California after a short break in Florida, where he and Roman Finch will remain for the being of the Summer. We as a band are doing our very best to play at North American Talent Search in Ohio this coming August at the UPC’s Youth Congress. As of right now we are just praying and hoping for the best. What lays ahead of us is nothing but uncertainty, but that is where faith comes into play (“Into the Grey” anybody?). So for now, listen to our first demo (Streaming here —> and be on the lookout for our new 4 brand new songs to be added to i-tunes shortly. Keep us in your prayers, and thank you for the loving support we have received thus far.

God Bless,

BW and Pilot Roster.


About PilotRoster

Pilot Roster began when Brandon Wilson returned from the Summer of Service tour held by Christian Life College. He and Roman Finch began jamming once again, as they had been for years. The two then met Brandon Stamper, who was also interested in starting a band after moving out to Stockton, CA. After a few line up changes, they joined with Chris Coss, who had just moved back from florida, and formed Pilot Roster; four guys serving the Lord in music.
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