Here’s the News.

So if you haven’t heard, we are playing at North American Youth Congress! Some may be wondering what this means. Essentially we have been selected to be finalists in what is known as the “North American Talent Search” where bands and groups send in their songs in hopes of becoming a finalist. Once a finalist, there is a live competition that takes place at North American Youth Congress. And well, we were selected to be finalists!


Okay, now that that is out of our system, we would sincerely like to thank anyone and everyone who has supported us thus far along this journey. If you bought a demo, came to a show, listened to a track, or just said encouraging words, we deeply thank you. We’ve only been a band since October of 2010, so to already be involved in something like this is a tremendous honor and blessing.

Ultimately, all Honor and Glory belongs to Jesus Christ. If not for Him, none of this would even be happening seeing as we play for Him and Him alone.

That being said, if you’re going to be at Youth Congress give us a ring! Go and check out the event page we created here—> and let us know you’ll be attending! Also, stop by and say hey to any of us! We’ll be at the booth Thursday evening and all day Friday selling some of our first demos :D. Come and get them while they last, seeing as we have very few left!

Also, we will be releasing four brand new songs at the time of Congress. These songs will be available by digital download only for a while, until we can gather the funds for a hard copy release. We will be releasing all of our songs together on a combined EP which we will be calling “When You Speak.” Some songs are already up for a preview on our Facebook page All eight of our songs will be available on this EP and online.

So finally, say a prayer for us, please. This is a huge step for us as a band and the direction that God is leading us. We NEED your guys’ support now more than ever as we go into this next week. We love you all and sincerely thank you for your support in doing what we love for the Kingdom.

To God be all Glory,

-bw and Pilot Roster.


About PilotRoster

Pilot Roster began when Brandon Wilson returned from the Summer of Service tour held by Christian Life College. He and Roman Finch began jamming once again, as they had been for years. The two then met Brandon Stamper, who was also interested in starting a band after moving out to Stockton, CA. After a few line up changes, they joined with Chris Coss, who had just moved back from florida, and formed Pilot Roster; four guys serving the Lord in music.
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